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Choosing a virtual data room provider is arguably more difficult than completing the M&A deal itself, and this virtual data room comparison is a living proof of that. The growing data room market among due diligence data room providers offers an enormous opportunity for those providers that establish themselves as leaders in the virtual data room and secure file sharing space. So clearly, the best data room companies are addressing a large and growing market. This stimulates them to provide an even wider choice of data security and communication products and services.

Virtual data rooms continue to play an increasingly important role for M&A, legal, business operations, real estate, and biotech organizations, to name a few. In partnership with the best data room providers, Data Room Review conducted research to determine how top virtual data room providers perform with regard to security and reliability.

Essential Features


Secure document storage and sharing requires world-class security so your virtual data room provider should have comprehensive document and access security policies. Top-tier virtual data rooms protect the confidential data using advanced security features, such as data encryption while in transit as well as at rest, innovative authentication protocols, and granular data room access policies which allow to revoke access at any time. Document security measures include custom watermarks, printing restriction, and partial document view.


Intuitive ease of use ensures the corporate-wide adoption of secure file sharing solutions offered by virtual data rooms. User interface is simplified by allowing one-click file upload, instant indexing, and convenient communication Q&A tools. Admin interface allows to change user access permissions with one click, as well as applying document security settings and managing data room user groups. User interface can be localised in many languages which is important in international deals and operations spanning several countries.


There are many factors that you should consider when comparing pricing schedules provided by virtual data room providers. To make sure you are getting the best service for money, you should compare not only the amount of users included in the quotation but also the length of the plan. Plans that are billed annually are suitable for long term projects or when the data room is used as a corporate document repository. Plans with monthly or quarterly billing schedule are good for short term projects such as M&A. Also pay attention to whether the plan includes any additional expenses such as charges for the data room hard copy on a flash drive.

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms

How does iDeals measure up? When global financial institutions, private equity funds, and top-tier corporate executives need the right combination of reliability and technology to streamline their deal, they turn to iDeals.

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms
Rating: 5.0
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Other Providers


Ideals Virtual Data Room

The best virtual data rooms providers you see listed here in this virtual data room comparison play an essential role in evolving today’s enterprise virtual data room landscape. The way they develop new features, the prices and payment plans they structure, the level of customer service they offer, such as iDeals Virtual Data  Room — each of these factors influences the services that their many clients can, in turn, recommend to their friends.

merrill datasite

Merrill Datasite

Despite its long history on financial markets Merrill did not get into the virtual data room space until some time ago. This puts the company a short step behind many of the other best virtual data room market participants in terms of experience, however in many cases Datasite still has a technology edge over other providers.



Intralinks secure file sharing solutions were one of the first virtual data room offerings on the market. Intralinks was able to use its established record of performance and reliability to become a good choice of virtual data room software for many M&A dealmakers. The company reveals it has nearly $35 trillion worth of deals completed on its platform.

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