box vdr

Box is a reliable, innovative secure virtual data room provider with glowing virtual data room reviews. It is well-known in the virtual data room space thanks to its ability to combine security and intuitive simplicity of top-tier data room providers with the agility and cost efficiency of a fintech startup. Box is also known for its exceptionally good customer service which is personal, trustworthy, and available 24/7/365. The company claims it has opened 10,000 new data rooms in 2016 for more than 85,000 users.

In fact, Box has the experience and technology to power many of the world’s biggest virtual data room deployments. That said, Box virtual data room offers all the innovative features you would expect from a top-class virtual data room, and it’s not surprising they are focused on financial operations and M&A deals which means their features for uploading, indexing and organizing documents are perfectly suited for due diligence and next  steps of the deal process.

With a cloud-based platform and a free consumer-grade option of file sharing platform, Box confidently meets a wide variety of secure document sharing needs. Box virtual data rooms are so versatile and budget-friendly, they are widely used in such diverse industries as investment banking, fintech, legal, biopharma, energy, and media. Primarily, clients of Box come from M&A deals where a multitude of features make all deal-related tasks from due diligence to deal closure and post-M&A audit a lot more streamlined and secure. Box VDR is also popular as extranet and document repository among legal firms and media companies when secure sharing of intellectual property is warranted. In addition to stand-by features found in more expensive data rooms, Box has introduced virtual data room pricing schedule that is flexible enough for businesses of all sizes.