Ansarada VDR virtual data room provides a centralized highly secure workspace where deal participants can upload, view, search and share any data that is related to the deal. To maintain security and compliance users with certain permissions can share highly confidential documents with password protected links.  This helps to increase control on which user is accessing which document. By speeding up the deal process without compromising on security Ansarada VDR enables businesses to always remain stay one step ahead of the competition, according to the survey published in virtual data room review. Security features of these online data rooms enable easy audit of document access and user activity. By seeing who is accessing which documents the room owner gets a detailed report that could gauge buyer interest and even predict an outcome of the deal. In case of a data leak, the complete audit trail helps establish the source of the leak and the person responsible.

The foundation of Ansarada data room services offering is its “powerful simplicity” when it comes to data upload and distribution. With no additional plugins, flash requirements or lengthy downloads required, all deal participants will be able to upload documents to the data room on any browser from any device and the operating system instantly after the data room owner sets user permissions. The user interface allows for easy upload of not just documents but entire folders, and this VDR also works with built-in electronic signatures — look out for this innovative feature in virtual data room reviews. Security in this virtual data room software is leveraged off using detailed user access security with two-factor authentication, document security in form of dynamic watermarks, sophisticated encryption protocols, user activity alerts, and daily audit trail reporting with email notifications provides a transparent security management environment. The pricing plan is also reasonable at $250 a month flat fee for unlimited users and data.